Behavioral health relates to the connection between your behavior and the health of your mind, body, and spirit. It includes the relationship between your daily habits and their effect on your physical health and mental health.

At LBH we strive to help you take steps to address the areas of your life that are imbalanced and deserving of attention in order to increase life’s satisfaction and improve your overall well being.

Therapy, which is sometimes called psychotherapy, talk therapy, or counseling, is meeting with a trained professional to take care of your mental and emotional needs. Therapy can help with several different issues, ranging from stress and relationship issues to mental health conditions. Therapy can be done individually, as a couple, as a family, or in a group setting.

A therapist is a trained mental health professional who helps you see the resources and strengths you have and, through various techniques and collaboration, strengthens your ability to trust your own wisdom and ability to heal. A therapist will give suggestions and feedback, help you gain insight, provide education, and make referrals to other helpful resources.

A guarantee or a quick fix. No therapist can (or should) make guarantees about what will or won’t happen during your time in therapy. Change can be complicated, takes time, and will depend on your own unique skills, your prior internal resources, your readiness and enthusiasm to want change, as well as other factors.

A common misconception is that therapy is only for people who have experienced severe trauma and hardships within their lifetime. While therapy can be a great resource for people with experiences like this, they are by no means a prerequisite to pursuing services.

Therapy can be beneficial to anyone, children, teens, or adults, experiencing a multitude of symptoms, including those specific to mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD, or simply the daily challenges we all face as human beings. It can also be a tool for couples and families to build stronger bonds, overcome hardship, and navigate through life together as one.

The initial session is the time for you to start to share your story and talk about your goals and what you would like to change. You and your therapist will begin to establish a relationship that will become the foundation for working together. You will begin to establish goals, and your therapist will begin to identify how to help you get there.

Therapy sessions will typically be 50-60 minutes in duration, and you and your therapist will work together to decide the frequency of sessions. Typically weekly sessions are most beneficial to start with, so you and your therapist can get to know one another and begin to work towards your goals.

Your time commitment to the therapeutic process will be up to you. You and your therapist can also work together to determine when you feel ready to move on. For some clients, therapy will be brief, others will take longer to achieve their goals. Once clients ‘graduate’ from seeing their therapist, some treat their therapist as one more tool in their health toolbox–checking in when necessary.
We do not maintain a waitlist. If we are unable to schedule you with one of our therapists, we encourage you to contact our office again in the future as our therapist availability changes frequently.

We are in network with most insurance carriers and some Employee Assistance Programs, however we recommend you contact your carrier or speak with our billing department to confirm your benefits.

All clients have the option to choose private pay, meaning you will pay out of pocket for services.
A fee schedule is available upon your request.

If you feel ready to take a step in your healing and schedule your first appointment, please contact our office via phone at 952-435-0022.

All of our therapists offer virtual appointments for your convenience.

We do not offer medication assessments or have medication providers on our team.
We do not offer testing. However, we are happy to make appropriate referrals.

“As a public safety professional I was hesitant about going to therapy because of the stigma. After my first session my perspective was completely changed. There have been significant traumatic incidents in my career that I have been able to successfully work through due to Lakeville Behavioral Health. I have not only used LBH for my professional life but my personal life as well. LBH has helped me work through personal and marital issues that have made my life much more successful. I have learned strategies to get through life’s tough moments and time periods that had previously caused a lot of stress. I cannot recommend LBH enough and truly believe everyone can use some type of therapy even though they may not feel it is necessary!”

-35 year old male