Resources for Clients

We’d like to share some materials that have been helpful for us and to our clients over the years. If you have other ideas for us, please share them!



Boundaries (Cloud & Townsend)
Broken Hearts (Graham)
Dance of Anger (Harriet Lerner)
Dance of Deception (Harriet Lerner)
Divorse Busting (Michelle Weiner Davis)
Getting Love You Want (Harville Hendrix)
His Needs Her Needs (McKay)
Hold me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love S (Johnson)
How to Survive the Loss of Love (Colgrove)
Love and Respect (Eggerichs)
Relationship Resume Workbook (Phil McGraw)
Seven Best Things Happy Couples Do (Frier)
Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (Gottman)
Stop Controlling Me (Stevak)
The State of Affairs
The Verbally Abusive Relationship (Evans)
Transitions (Willian Bridges)
Understanding Men and Women (Armstrong)
You Just Don't Understand (Deborah Tanner)


Anorexia, Bulimia: a Guide for Parents (Zraley and Swift)
Emotional Blackmail
Family Rules (Kenneth Kage)
From Defiance to Cooperation
Get Out of My Life (Anthony Wolf)
Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child (Gottman)
Saying Yes to No (David Walsh)
The Family (Balswick)
The out of Sync Child
Toxic Parents
Why Do They Act That Way? (David Walsh)


Sexual Addiction (Truer)

Self Growth:

12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women (McMeekin)
Confident, Dynamic You (Chapien)
Healing is a Choice (Antebren)
Healing the Child Within (Whitfield)
How to Love Me (Sterling)
Liberating the Self Within (Kramer)
Managing Your Emotions (Clark)
Narcissism (Watson)
Touching the Trees (McBride)
Will I ever be Good Enough


Anger: How to Live With and Without it (Ellis)
Angry Men, Passive Men (Allen)
Dance of Anger (Lerner)
Dance of Deception (Lerner)
Dance of Intimacy (Lerner)